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Turinabol 100 tabs (10 mg/1 tab)

Turinabol tablets

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Turinabol by Prime Labs is intended primarily for those who do not want to take methane, which is more harmful compared to Turinabol. The steroid is good because, having a high anabolic index, it practically does not aromatize, which makes it an ideal drug for solo use and, in particular, for those bodybuilders who are prone to gynecomastia.

If novice athletes can get an excellent effect from taking turinabol solo, then experienced builders will have to conduct combined courses. This is due to the fact that the body gradually adapts to the work of any medication and steroids are no exception. As a result, the effectiveness of the courses is reduced.

In such a situation, some athletes begin to simply increase the daily dosage. This approach is fundamentally wrong, since it does not significantly improve the effectiveness of the course. But the risks of developing side effects increase very significantly. The best way out of this situation is to combine AAS.


  • active half-life (hours): 9 hours;
  • use (men): 20-50 mg per day;
  • retains water: no;
  • fragrance: no.

Turinabol Steroid Profile

  • anabolic activity - 180%;
  • androgenic activity - 50%;
  • aromatization (conversion to estrogen) - absent;
  • suppression of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis axis - moderately high;
  • toxicity to the liver - moderate;
  • method of administration - inside (in tablets);
  • half-life - 16 hours;
  • detection time - up to 250 days (long-lived fat-soluble metabolites);
  • maximum plasma concentration 3 hours after ingestion.

Effects of taking Turinabol

  1. weight gain of exceptionally high quality;
  2. increase in working capacity and power parameters;
  3. improvement of body relief;
  4. increase in muscle venousness;
  5. suppression of the synthesis of catabolic hormones;
  6. increased muscle stiffness;
  7. the drug has strong fat-burning properties.

Application and dosage of Turinabol

The course of turinabol does not require the inclusion of gonadotropin (if it does not exceed 6-8 weeks), however, PCT is carried out with estrogen receptor blockers (tamoxifen). Turinabol monocourse is considered one of the simplest and safest in bodybuilding, so it is often recommended for beginners. For the first course, the optimal dosage is 40 mg / day for 6 weeks. This allows you to get impressive results, both in terms of an increase in high-quality muscle mass, and in the progress of speed-strength results.

Combined course

For gaining muscle mass, a combined course of Turinabol (20 mg per day) + testosterone enanthate 250 mg per week (or + sustanon) is better suited. The average duration is 6 weeks. First, enanthate is canceled, and after a week, turinabol.

For athletes who are not interested in gaining mass and who seek to increase speed and endurance (boxers, wrestlers, runners, etc.), lower doses of 10-20 mg per day are recommended.

Side effects

Turinabol is a 17-alkylated anabolic steroid, which allows oral administration, but creates a toxic effect on the liver, comparable to methandrostenolone. In general, side effects are quite rare and are most often associated with an excess of the duration of the course and high doses. This drug strongly suppresses the secretion of its own testosterone. Possible erectile dysfunction after withdrawal, there have been cases of premature ejaculation.

In women, the drug can rarely cause: decreased secretion of gonadotropins; virilization phenomena (acne, hirsutism, coarsening of the voice, increased libido, menstrual disorders, clitoral hypertrophy, muscle development). Pregnant women may develop virilization of the female fetus. The frequency of these side effects in Turanabol is low.


Active ingridient
A set of quality mass
Suitable for beginners
Suitable for men over 50
Suitable for women over 50


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The information provided does not encourage the use or distribution of any potent substances and is solely intended to reduce the risk of complications and side effects. Consult your physician and read the instructions before using this medicine.

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Turinabol 100 tabs (10 mg/1 tab)

Turinabol tablets

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