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Global Parcel Tracking


Important information about international shipping

From the moment the parcel was sent, the tracking number can be displayed in the online tracking system after 3-7 business days, and this is an absolutely normal indicator of online tracking.

We also pay your attention to the fact that some parcels are sent without the possibility of tracking from the sender's country and begin to be displayed in online systems only upon arrival in the recipient's country, and this may take 14 or more days.

It is also important to know that our online shop has nothing to do with the speed of delivery of postal services since the online shop and postal services are completely different companies.

We can give you an average delivery time based on our shipping practices, but this is not a guarantee of delivery time but is only given as information on the average delivery time in transit.

If you have any questions directly on the delivery of the parcel, you can ask the operator of your local mail carrier.

Regarding the time of processing and sending your parcel, we need 2-3 working days from the moment you paid for your order in order to prepare the package and transfer it to the postal service.

You have a unique opportunity to track any parcels directly on our website and independently navigate by their location.

Any questions and nuances about customs in the country of departure - we decide. As soon as the parcel leaves the country of the sender, then all other questions and nuances, if any, are decided by the recipient, we do not take responsibility for this.

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