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Testosterone Suspension 10 ampules/2 ml (50 mg/1 ml)

Суспензия тестостерона in ampoules


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Testosterone Suspension by GM Pharmaceuticals is one of the most powerful injectables for building muscle mass and strength. It is characterized by rapid penetration into the bloodstream due to its water base, which ensures faster activation of its active ingredient. The drug enhances the activity of genes responsible for protein synthesis, and has a lasting effect.

Testosterone Suspension is considered one of the most effective drugs for building muscle mass and strength. Thanks to its aqueous formula, it quickly penetrates into the bloodstream and actively begins to act. This provides a faster and more intense effect, helping athletes achieve significant results.

In addition, Testosterone Suspension stimulates the activity of genes that are responsible for protein synthesis in the body. It promotes increased muscle growth and post-workout recovery. Due to its long-term activity, the drug provides a lasting effect, allowing athletes to enjoy its benefits for a long time.

Steroid Profile of Testosterone Suspension

  • chemical formula: 17b-hydroxy-4-androsten-3-one;
  • melting point: 155;
  • action time: 1-2 days;
  • detection time: several weeks (by mass spectroscopy and gas chromatography);
  • anabolic index: 100/100.

Effects of taking Testosterone Suspension

A distinctive feature of the drug is its composition, which ensures the achievement of such effects:

  1. burning fat without affecting the amount of muscle mass;
  2. rapid growth of muscle mass;
  3. increase in muscle relief;
  4. increase in strength and endurance;
  5. increase and conservation of energy during the training process and after its completion;
  6. due to the inability to retain water in the body, it is effective during the drying period;
  7. protection of the cardiovascular system from overload;
  8. increased libido.

The use of the drug will make your muscles more prominent and dry.

Medical indications for taking Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone Suspension has medical indications for use in a variety of conditions that are associated with insufficient testosterone levels in men. Here are some of them:

hypogonadism: Testosterone Suspension can be used for replacement therapy in men with hypogonadism, that is, insufficient testosterone production by the testicles. This may be due to age, genetic abnormalities, trauma, surgical procedures, or certain medical conditions.

Delayed puberty: Some young men may experience delayed puberty, which is manifested by the absence or insufficient development of sexual characteristics. Testosterone Suspension can be used to stimulate puberty and achieve normal testosterone levels.

Osteoporosis: Some men may develop osteoporosis, which is characterized by a deterioration in bone density and an increased risk of fractures. Testosterone Suspension can be used as part of a comprehensive treatment to improve bone density and reduce the risk of fractures.

Mammary cancer: Some men with breast cancer may need to lower testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone Suspension may be used to achieve this as part of the treatment of breast cancer.

In any case, the decision to take Testosterone Suspension should be made by a medical professional based on a thorough assessment of the patient, their condition and the potential benefits and risks of the drug.

Application and dosage of Testosterone Suspension

The dosage is prescribed depending on the weight, height and other parameters of the athlete, as well as the goal to be achieved. Usually it is from 50 to 300 mg per day.

For a rapid build-up of muscle mass, daily injections of the drug are made in the amount of 100 mg.

Compliance with the optimal dosage of the drug will ensure the passage of the course without the occurrence of side effects.

The highest concentration of the drug in the blood persists for 2-3 days. Achieving the maximum effect is ensured by daily administration of the drug. To prevent the occurrence of local side effects, each injection must be done in a new place.

The course of admission is an average of 4-5 weeks, after which you need to take a break.

Combined course

Combines well with nandrolone and equipoise in cycles to gain muscle mass.

Side effects

The pharmacokinetic feature of the drug (a rapid increase in blood concentration) provides not only pronounced positive effects, but also severe side effects. Testosterone suspension is highly androgenic, often causing acne, fluid retention and gynecomastia.

For this reason, PCT is mandatory (antiestrogens are taken from the first day of the course). It has a toxic effect on the liver only in very large doses. Painful injections (though less so than propionate and winstrol).


Active ingridient
Testosterone Suspension
A set of quality mass, Cutting, Muscle relief


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The information provided does not encourage the use or distribution of any potent substances and is solely intended to reduce the risk of complications and side effects. Consult your physician and read the instructions before using this medicine.

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Testosterone Suspension 10 ampules/2 ml (50 mg/1 ml)

Суспензия тестостерона in ampoules

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