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Stanozolol 100 tabs (10 mg/1 tab)

Stanozolol tablets

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Stanozolol by Biotech Labs is used by athletes for shaping and drying the body. Stanozolol has a slight effect on muscle mass, but it has a good effect on the relief and venous visibility of the muscles.

Stanozolol (Winstrol) in tablets shows a high level of bioavailability: passing through the liver, the active substance is not destroyed. The toxic effect of the drug on the liver is minimal, but it is, and therefore it is recommended to comply with the dosage without fail, not exceeding both them and the period of taking the drug in general. Stanozolol is a male drug and it is not recommended for women to use it, since the risk of manifestations of masculinization and virilization is too high.

Stanozolol Steroid Profile

  • anabolic activity - 320% of testosterone;
  • androgenic activity - 30% of testosterone;
  • aromatization (conversion to estrogens) - no;
  • method of administration - in tablets;
  • toxicity to the liver - moderate;
  • half-life - 18-24 hours;
  • detection time - from 200 to 240 days.

Effects of taking Stanozolol

The drug in bodybuilding is very popular because its action is different from most steroids. The drug has little effect on body weight, but gives relief to the muscles, enhances venous visibility and burns fat, so it is used mainly during drying courses.

  1. muscle relief is one of the main effects of stanozolol;
  2. a significant increase in strength and endurance - a valuable effect in powerlifting and athletics;
  3. fat burning;
  4. increased appetite;
  5. removal of excess fluid from the body;
  6. the presence of antiestrogenic and antiprogestogenic effects (competitive inhibition of progesterone receptors) is assumed.

According to scientific tests, oral stanozolol in an amount of 0.2 mg per kilo of body weight of an athlete lowers the level of anabolic hormone-binding globulin by 50%. this means that the effectiveness of taking other steroids in combination with stanozolol will increase significantly;

Application and dosage of Stanozolol

In solo course use, Stanozolol is taken 30 mg daily to increase strength, form muscle relief and venous visibility.

The duration of the course application is up to 8 weeks. Desirable post-cycle therapy on the 3rd day after the end of the drug.

On a note: Many experts recommend buying Stanozolol in tablets or injections for the treatment of injuries and the effects of burns.

Combined course

To prepare for competitions or for weight loss and drying, Stanozolol is combined with Trenbolone. For mass, the drug can be combined with Anadrol or Danabol.

Stanozolol in combination with strong androgens reduces the estrogenic effect.

Side effects

The most common adverse reactions attributed to Stanozolol are acne, a temporary cessation of testosterone reproduction, an increase in low-density cholesterol (LDL), an increase in liver enzymes, an effect on the musculoskeletal system, and an increased risk of injury.


Active ingridient
Cutting, Increase stamina, Strength gains
Suitable for beginners
Yes (min dosage)
Suitable for men over 50


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The information provided does not encourage the use or distribution of any potent substances and is solely intended to reduce the risk of complications and side effects. Consult your physician and read the instructions before using this medicine.

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Stanozolol 100 tabs (10 mg/1 tab)

Stanozolol tablets

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