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Somatropin HGH 5 vials×20 iu + Bacteriostatic water

Somatropin and solvent in vial

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Why buy this product

Somatropin by MAXPharm is used to quickly gain high-quality muscle mass, increase body relief, increase strength and endurance. All this allows you to achieve maximum results in competitions.

Injections of the drug contribute to the somatic and skeletal development of cells, the acceleration of the metabolism of the digestive organs and the renewal of the body after intense training and injuries. It is for this reason that the drug has gained particular popularity, both in traditional medicine and in sports. And yet, until now, MAXPharm is actively working to improve and improve the properties of this drug. You can buy original HGH Somatropin in our online store at a bargain price.

Effects of taking Somatropin

To date, the drug is used by representatives of those sports for which the accelerated growth of muscle mass is important. But this is not the whole effectiveness of Samotropin. It is worth noting that MAXPharm products are of high quality and efficiency, and this is confirmed by numerous reviews of athletes with experience in taking this drug. Many men choose this drug because it allows you to increase potency. Summing up the general results, we can conclude that Samotropin from MAXPharm allows the athlete to obtain such results as:

  1. fast set of muscle mass;
  2. getting rid of fat;
  3. relief improvement;
  4. normalization of metabolic processes;
  5. acceleration of the processes of splitting fat accumulations;
  6. accelerates growth processes;
  7. the processes of collagen production are resumed;
  8. increase in the concentration of glycogen in liver cells;
  9. regeneration processes are accelerated;
  10. stimulates sexual activity in men;
  11. strengthens joints and ligaments;
  12. accelerates muscle growth;
  13. the volume of the thymus gland increases.

How to properly inject growth hormone

It is also desirable to launch a solution with somatropin into the body correctly. For this:

  • We collect the required amount of the drug in the insulin syringe. For example, if there is 10 IU of growth hormone in a vial (IU is an international unit), then by dissolving it in 1 ml of water, we will get 1 IU of growth hormone in 10 divisions of an insulin syringe per 100 divisions.
  • Choose a site for injection. Optimally - the area on the stomach, 5-8 cm to the right or left of the navel.
  • We clamp the injection site with our fingers and make a convex fold.
  • At an angle of 45 degrees, we insert the syringe needle into it directly into the fat layer. There, growth hormone is well absorbed and quickly enters the bloodstream.
  • We slowly inject the growth hormone medicine, hold the needle for 3-4 seconds and remove the syringe - you're done.

Of course, do not forget about sterility!

Application and dosage of Somatropin

The optimal dosage for an athlete is 5 IU of recombinant growth hormone per day. It will give you excellent results in reaching heights for any kind of sport and will allow you to take growth hormone for a long time without causing the body's resistance to the drug. Of course, the results from a dosage of 10 IU per day will be simply irresistible. Especially in the field of bodybuilding and powerlifting. But if a drug of a low degree of purification is chosen, the body quickly becomes accustomed to somatropin - the effectiveness of the course at a higher cost will fall.

For dosages above 5 IU of human bone growth hormone and muscle mass, it is better to use purer preparations: Jintropin, Ansomon. As practice now shows, the new drug Genopharm has a good degree of purification, which is much more pleasant for the price.

If you plan to use growth hormone for drying, low dosages of 2-3 units per day are sufficient.

After an injection of growth hormone, the peak level of somatropin in the blood occurs after 3-4 hours. At this time, it is better to take an analysis for growth hormone: to be sure that you are using a high-quality drug or just to monitor its level in the blood during the course. After 4 hours, the concentration of GH will begin to slowly fall. The period of its decline is up to 8-10 hours. Therefore, it is better to divide the daily dosage into two injections. This will allow you to maintain the desired level of medication throughout the day.

The best time to take it is when blood sugar levels are low, i.e. in the morning on an empty stomach and after or during exercise. If it's a non-workout day, a couple of hours after lunch.

The best results are observed with a course duration of 3 to 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions About Growth Hormones

The course of growth hormone for weight should include other drugs?

Growth hormone preparations in the course for athletes are usually combined with other pharmacological agents. The composition of this kit and dosage depend on your goals - muscle building, drying, weight loss. The manager of our store will select a course individually for you, taking into account the desired price. Consultations are free.

Can growth hormone cause side effects?

If you adhere to the course of growth hormone and choose high-quality drugs, there will be no negative consequences from taking them. Our online store offers products from the world's best pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Side effects

It should be emphasized that the FDA has approved the use of growth hormone Somatropin for the treatment of certain medical conditions, except that its use in sports is unregulated and illegal.

Some of the commonly reported side effects are:

  • muscle and joint pain in many cases, especially weight training;
  • swelling caused by fluid retention in the extremities;
  • mood swings, which can be caused by an imbalance of testosterone;
  • increased hair growth on the face and body;
  • liver damage in some cases.

Common side effects associated with taking Somatropin include:

  • abdominal pain;
  • diarrhea or constipation;
  • nausea or vomiting.


Active ingridient
Muscle relief, Cutting
Suitable for beginners
Yes (min dosage)
Suitable for men over 50
According to the doctor's prescription
Suitable for women over 50
According to the doctor's prescription


Delivery area
The information provided does not encourage the use or distribution of any potent substances and is solely intended to reduce the risk of complications and side effects. Consult your physician and read the instructions before using this medicine.

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Somatropin HGH 5 vials×20 iu + Bacteriostatic water

Somatropin and solvent in vial

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