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Primobolan 1 vial/10 ml (100 mg/1 ml)

Примоболан Метенолон Энантат 1 флакон

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Why buy this product

Primobolan from Magnus Pharmaceuticals is a very common product because it has shown good results in the muscle drying process. In addition, it significantly improves bodybuilding performance and physical performance.

Primobolan is the preferred choice for most strongmen, as it has a mild effect and there are no side effects when using it. Strongmen, who have already resorted to the help of the drug for enhanced physical training, at least once, could observe an improvement in the relief of muscle mass, with a clear venous drawing.

If you are searching for quality Primobolan with delivery to the USA, Canada and Europe, we recommend to look at this preparation.

Steroid profile

  • nabolic activity - 88% of testosterone
  • Androgenic activity - 44% of testosterone
  • Aromatization (conversion to estrogen) - no
  • Liver toxicity - mild
  • Half-life - 4-7 days in injections
  • Detection time - 6 months of injection

The effectiveness of Primobolan

Many bodybuilders choose to buy primobolan in order to dry and preserve the already existing muscle mass in perfect condition. Also, the tool indicates good results in a mix with other means. The growth of high-quality relief will certainly be impressive and will remain after the cycle for a long period of time. Since it differs in a weakly expressed androgenic effect, it does not belong to the class of anabolic steroids.

Primobolan will make it possible to achieve the following results:

  • Increased endurance indicators;
  • Increase in the strength of the hardness of the musculature;
  • Drying muscles with a beautiful venous drawing;
  • Weak but high quality set of muscles.

On the pharmaceutical market, Primobolan can be found in two forms of release - pills and injections. But, in order to achieve maximum results, it is better to drink the substance in injections, since it is much stronger in efficiency, and it is the least toxic to the liver area.

Characteristics of Primobolan

What is the uniqueness of Primobolan from Magnus? The substance has no analogues. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the anabolic does not lend itself to conversion into estrogens. This makes it possible to prevent such bad reactions as acne, gynecomastia and water accumulation in the body. However, do not think that there is no need to take PCT if the negative effects are not so visible.

The Primobolan course will allow you to achieve the desired result in a short period of time. It has excellent nitrogen storage and no edema due to zero water retention, which makes it indispensable for drying. The anabolic steroid excels at preserving muscle tissue and rapidly removing residual fluid. In most cases, it has no effect on sexual desire. However, there may be exceptions in the form of a drop in libido in strongmen, which allow an excess of the dose or use it for more than a specified time.

Consumption rules and dosage

It is believed that Primobolan works best during a cycle that lasts 8 months. The optimal dose of the active ingredient for beginner athletes is 400 mg per week. For experienced athletes, a dose increase of up to 1000 mg per week is allowed.

Since the active ingredient is considered to be nothing more than a long ether, bodybuilders in most cases use it once a week. Some people prefer to divide his reception into a couple of introductions. Primobolan price is completely affordable, so that strongmen can afford to go through a full cycle of the product.

In parallel with the use of the drug, it would be nice to carry out PCT 3 weeks after the end of consumption.

The effectiveness of the course

With proper use, the drug allows an athlete to get such results from a course as:

  • Significant weight gain;
  • Improving the quality of the musculature;
  • Getting rid of body fat;
  • Improving physical fitness indicators.

Application nuances

Primobolan is one of the most effective drugs, which, if used correctly, allows you to get beautiful, athletic and relief muscles and ensures the growth of high-quality mass. Given the high effectiveness of this steroid, it is imperative to consult an appropriate specialist. Usually, the duration of the course should not exceed 6 - 8 weeks, with a weekly dosage not exceeding 400 mg. After the course therapy is carried out 3 weeks after the last injection of the drug.

It should be noted that Primobolan is allowed to be combined with other drugs of sports pharmacology. Most often, in courses designed for gaining muscle mass, athletes choose such additional steroids to Primobolan as some testosterone esters, Nandrolone, Oxymetalon, Sustanon. To obtain beautiful relief muscles, athletes prefer to combine Primobolan with Nandrolone.


Active ingridient
Methenolone Enanthate
Suitable for beginners
Suitable for men over 50
Suitable for women over 50
The information provided does not encourage the use or distribution of any potent substances and is solely intended to reduce the risk of complications and side effects. Consult your physician and read the instructions before using this medicine.

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Primobolan 1 vial/10 ml (100 mg/1 ml)

Примоболан Метенолон Энантат 1 флакон

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