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PEG MGF 1 vial/2 mg (2000 mcg)

Пегилированный механический фактор роста

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Short description

PEG MGF from Hilma Biocare is a variant of the mechanical growth factor (MPF), which causes the division of muscle cells that can develop into muscle fibres and accelerates muscle growth and recovery. Also, it shows effectiveness in regulating protein synthesis and nutrient absorption. One of the distinct abilities of a peptide is to accelerate the development and restoration of muscle tissue makes, which makes it a popular anabolic among athletes.

By using PEG-MGF athletes can boost metabolism, reduce body fat percentage and recover. Additionally, it lowers LDL, speeds up wound healing, significantly increases the formation of new muscle fibres, straightens bones, joints, and tendons and improves skin healthiness.


  • Active Half-life (Hours): 48 to 72h
  • Application (Men): 200-1000 mcg
  • Retains water: No
  • Aromatization: No

Dosage and method of application of PEG MGF

  • Duration of standard cycle is 5-6 weeks
  • 100-200mg per injection/2-4 times every week
  • For the best results, inject MGH directly into the muscle trained and immediately after training.

Side Effects

The most common side effects attributed to the PEG-MGF are cardiovascular irregularities, reduced blood pressure and low blood sugar.

Storage method

Vials are freeze-dried and therefore will remain stable at room temperature for 1-2 months. Product can remain in good condition for 6 months if kept in refrigerator (powder).

Note: That after dissolution MGF can be stored 20-30 days in the refrigerator.

To find more information, please check instruction.

Compatibility with other drugs

PEG-MGF can be safely applied with AAS, HGH and other peptides.


Active ingridient
Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor

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PEG MGF 1 vial/2 mg (2000 mcg)

Пегилированный механический фактор роста

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