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Modvigil-200 mg (blister 10 tabs)

Модафинил Модвигил-200 мг

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Modafinil (Modvigil) — a solution to the problem of drowsiness. HAB Pharma Modvigil-200mg (pharmaceutical grade) is an analeptic, a long-acting brain and physical activity stimulant that is used to improve concentration. In medicine, modafinil is used for narcolepsy (sleepiness and sudden falling asleep throughout the day).

Modafinil is actively used all over the world, not only for its intended purpose, but also in sports practice. After taking modafinil, an increase in concentration of attention is felt, brain activity improves, a surge of energy and vigor is observed, which allow you to achieve good results both in training and in everyday life, while the duration of action of modafinil is about 12 hours, which makes it possible to spend on a rise in energy not only a working day, but also an evening workout without using additional stimulating supplements. 

Modafinil is also used by people whose work is associated with long trips (drivers of long-distance routes). In this case, modafinil manifests its qualities regardless of the time of day, maintaining the driver's increased concentration of attention and a sense of vigor during a 10-12 hour flight.

Modafinil has also found its area of ​​application in various fields that require increased concentration and brain activity (it, accounting, engineering, analytics, people working night shifts, truck drivers, etc.).

Due to the property of the drug Modvigil to control appetite after taking it throughout the day, many athletes include it during the drying period to accelerate fat burning and maintain a state of vitality with a low-calorie diet.

Composition (for 1 tablet):
Modafinil USP - 200 mg. 

Recommendations for the use of Modafinil:

The initial dosage of modafinil in sports practice is 0.5 tablets once a day, preferably in the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast, with 150 ml of water. The dosage can be increased according to individual feelings up to 1 tablet per day. This modafinil regimen also has a positive effect on night sleep. Regarding the frequency of intake, in sports, 2-3 doses per week are considered optimal. With this experience of use, side effects from modafinil were observed extremely rarely and are mainly associated with the individual intolerance of the drug.  

Drivers should take modafinil in a dosage of 0.5-1 tab., Washed down with water, 1-2 hours after eating or on an empty stomach, 30-60 minutes before the start of the trip.

Modwigil does not affect blood pressure and heart rate, unlike caffeine!


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Работаспособность после приема увеличивается, побочных эффектов не чувствую. Магазин работает хорошо и качественно, классно, что есть наложка. Спасибо, парни!

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Modvigil-200 mg (blister 10 tabs)

Модафинил Модвигил-200 мг

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