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Methenolone Enanthate 1 vial/10 ml (100 mg/1 ml)

Methenolone Enanthate in vial

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Methenolone Enanthate by MAXPharm does not tend to interact with the aromatase enzyme. From this we can conclude that the fluid does not linger on the course of the steroid. Used by athletes to get rid of unwanted fat, increase strength and endurance.

There is not much to talk about the negative properties of the drug. The fact is that this is one of the safest AAS on the modern pharmaceutical market. Since the active substance of the anabolic does not aromatize, the risks of developing estrogen-type side effects are completely excluded. Androgenic negative phenomena are also extremely rare in steroid courses. The drug is able to inhibit the work of the pituitary arch, but does it weakly.


  • active half-life (days): 10 days;
  • use (men): 300-800 mg per week;
  • oil-based: yes;
  • retains water: yes;
  • fragrance: no.

Steroid profile of Methenolone Enanthate

  • anabolic activity - 88% of testosterone;
  • androgenic activity - 44% of testosterone;
  • aromatization (conversion to estrogens) - no;
  • toxicity to the liver - weak;
  • method of administration - inside (in tablets) and injections;
  • half-life - 5-20 hours in tablets; 4-7 days in injections;
  • detection time - up to 100 days (tablets), 6 months of injection.

Effects of taking Methenolone Enanthate

After stopping the reception, the rollback effect is minimal. The drug has practically no effect on libido.

  1. allows you to gain high quality mass;
  2. after the course there is a minimal rollback;
  3. due to the high level of safety for the body, it can be used by athletes;
  4. improves the relief of the body;
  5. allows you to increase strength parameters and endurance.

Medical indications for taking Methenolone Enanthate

Methenolone is used in the treatment of protein synthesis disorders, cachexia of various origins; injuries, extensive burns after exposure and infectious diseases; muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis, negative nitrogen balance, corticosteroid therapy, hypo- and aplastic anemia.

Application and dosage of Methenolone Enanthate

Methenolone is administered by injection - this form is more effective than tablets. The average dosage for beginners is up to 400 mg per week, experienced athletes increase it to 1000 mg. The dose should be divided into several equal parts, although some athletes inject the entire dose at one time. The duration of the course is 8 weeks.

Combined course

To achieve maximum results, the athlete must follow a special diet. Methenolone is best combined with:

  • Nandrolone - for gaining muscle mass (one of the safest cycles, with good mass retention);
  • Testosterones - for gaining muscle mass;
  • Anadrol - for gaining muscle mass;
  • Methandrostenolone - for gaining muscle mass;
  • Winstrol - for drying.

Do not include more than one drug in the combined course. Use both steroids in half doses (from the recommended ones) - this will reduce the frequency of side effects of each drug and increase the effectiveness of the course.

Side effects

Adverse side effects include electrolyte loading and retention, hypercalcemia, bone growth and weight gain. They occur if the substance of the drug is introduced into the body in an amount exceeding 2000 mg per week or at a time.


This medicine is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to the drug, prostate cancer, breast cancer in men, breast carcinoma in women with hypercalcemia, CRF, severe atherosclerosis, nephritic syndrome, acute and chronic liver disease, nephritis, pregnancy, lactation.


Active ingridient
Methenolone Enanthate
Muscle relief, Cutting
Suitable for beginners
Suitable for men over 50
Suitable for women over 50


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The information provided does not encourage the use or distribution of any potent substances and is solely intended to reduce the risk of complications and side effects. Consult your physician and read the instructions before using this medicine.

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Methenolone Enanthate 1 vial/10 ml (100 mg/1 ml)

Methenolone Enanthate in vial

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