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Liothyronine (T3) 100 tab. (50 mcg/1 tab.)

Liothyronine tablets

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Liothyronine (T3) by Sp Labs is a synthetic thyroid hormone commonly known as Cytomel. Liothyronine has a positive effect on the central nervous system, fat burning, cellular functions and overall well-being of the body.

Using Liothyronine, athletes can increase oxygen levels in blood cells to stimulate faster body regeneration, improve physical performance and lose weight.


  • Active half-life (hours): 2 to 3 hours
  • Application (men): 25-100 mcg/day
  • Water retention: No
  • Flavoring: No

Effects of taking Liothyronine

  1. Acceleration of metabolism
  2. Improved body heat production
  3. Fat Burning
  4. Appetite suppression
  5. Decreased need for sleep
  6. Improved physical performance
  7. Stimulating effect on the central nervous system

Dosage and method of use of Liothyronine

  • The usual cycle length is 4-8 weeks (some athletes cycle up to 12 weeks).
  • Beginners: not recommended
  • Hobbies: 25-75 mcg/day
  • Professional range: 50-150 mcg/day (some athletes use up to 300 mcg/day)
  • Women: 25-75 mcg/day
  • Half-life: 1-2 days (active life 4-7 days)
  • Detection time: 4-8 weeks
  • To reduce the likelihood of side effects, include beta blockers in your course. Use T3 in the morning to avoid insomnia.

To reduce the chance of side effects, include beta-blockers in your course. Use T3 in the morning to avoid insomnia.

It is important to pay close attention to your diet when you are using Liothyronine Sodium for fat loss. You must burn more calories each day than you consume. Otherwise, Cytomel will not bring you any benefit. This will allow you to burn calories faster and also ensure that your body burns fat rather than muscle when you restrict your calorie intake.

Side effects

The most common adverse reactions associated with T3 are insomnia, tremors, nausea, restlessness, irregular heartbeat, and suppression of natural thyroid hormone production.

Storage method

Store in a dry place, protected from light, at a temperature of 15-25°C. Keep out of the reach of children.

Compatibility with other drugs

Particular caution should be exercised when combining T3 with other drugs that affect blood pressure and heart rate.


Active ingridient
Suitable for men over 50
Suitable for women over 50


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The information provided does not encourage the use or distribution of any potent substances and is solely intended to reduce the risk of complications and side effects. Consult your physician and read the instructions before using this medicine.

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Liothyronine (T3) 100 tab. (50 mcg/1 tab.)

Liothyronine tablets

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