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Clomiphene citrate 50 tabs (20 mg/1 tab)

Clomiphene citrate tablets

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Why buy this product

Clomiphene citrate from Cygnus Pharma has been shown to provide excellent post-cycle recovery and can be combined with hCG and tamoxifen during PCT. The main effect of Clomiphene is to restore hormonal balance, prevent manifestations of mammary gland enlargement and the appearance of other female signs in a bodybuilder.

Clomiphene citrate is a synthetic antiestrogen. The drug is designed to block estrogen receptors in peripheral tissues, as well as the hypothalamic-pituitary system. When taken in small doses, it has a positive effect on the integration of gonadotropins. In high dosages, it stimulates the antiestrogenic effect on the ovaries.

Despite the fact that Clomiphene Citrate tablets in the instructions indicate that they are intended for the treatment of infertility in men and women, they are in great demand among professional athletes. Tablets are intended for pre-course therapy when taking anabolic steroids. The drug is used to trigger the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis.

Effects of taking clomiphene

  1. rapid restoration of hormonal balance and secretion of the natural sex hormone;
  2. decrease in the severity of the rollback phenomenon;
  3. maintaining the resulting muscle mass;
  4. prevention of the occurrence of secondary sexual characteristics associated with high estrogenic effects;
  5. prevention of testicular atrophy;
  6. restoration of libido;
  7. normalization of working capacity in the liver.

Application and dosage of Clomiphene

Many athletes taking these tablets choose a course lasting no more than 12 weeks, where the dosage of the active substance reaches 100-150 mg per day.

In cases where the athlete took Trenbolone and Nandrolone during the course, Clomiphene should be started with a dosage of 250 mg per dose, once every four days. The drug is also in demand after taking gonadotropin in PCT. In this case, the course of admission is 10 days. The drug is recommended to be taken after meals.

Contraindications for use

The drug Clomiphene citrate is not prescribed to women who have diseases of the thyroid gland, liver, severe vaginal bleeding, diseases of the adrenal gland and during pregnancy. Also, tablets are not suitable for patients with individual intolerance to the active substance or components, as well as for pituitary tumors.

Side effects

  • headache;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • stomach ache;
  • insomnia;
  • allergic skin rash.

Conceived, most of the negative reactions are temporary and end on their own after a few days after the completion of Clomiphene. Negative effects in the treatment and do not need.

Origin of the drug

Clomiphene is a synthetic substance that first appeared in 1960 and suddenly went on sale in the pharmacological market. The main task of the working component is the use in medical prescriptions for the treatment of infertility in women by stimulating the onset of ovulation, in men - the prevention of oligospermia.


Active ingridient
Restore testosterone production
Suitable for beginners
Suitable for men over 50
Suitable for women over 50
According to the doctor's prescription


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The information provided does not encourage the use or distribution of any potent substances and is solely intended to reduce the risk of complications and side effects. Consult your physician and read the instructions before using this medicine.

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Clomiphene citrate 50 tabs (20 mg/1 tab)

Clomiphene citrate tablets

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