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Boldenone U 10 amp (200 mg/1 amp)

Болденона Ундесиленат 10 ампул

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Short description

Boldenone is an injectable anabolic steroid, structurally most similar to testosterone. It has a pronounced anabolic effect, with moderately androgen, relative to testosterone. It does not aromatize, and also has the effect of suppressing the aromatase enzyme, the suppression power directly depends on the dose of the drug, for this reason, boldenone should always be used with the correct dose of testosterone so that estradiol does not fall too much. Also, the drug stimulates the hormone erythropoietin, due to a similar structure with testosterone, so the number of red blood cells and hematocrit may increase.

Pharmachologic effect

  • Increases protein synthesis.
  • Increases appetite.
  • Burns fat.
  • An increase in the number of red blood cells.
  • Suppresses the aromatase enzyme.
  • Steroid profile:
  • Anabolic activity - 100%
  • Androgenic activity - 50% 
  • Aromatization is absent. 
  • Progestational activity is absent.
  • Toxicity is moderate.
  • The form of the drug is injectable.
  • The duration of the action - depends on the ether.

Application and dosage

For amateurs - 200-600 mg per week. This dosage is combined with testosterone, as it must be present on the cycle, works and significantly increases muscle growth , with a minimum of side effects.

For professionals 800 to 1000 mg per week. A pronounced increase in the effectiveness of the drug is observed only up to a dose of 1000 mg per week.

Side effects

  • Increased blood pressure.
  • An increase in LDL and a decrease in HDL.
  • Increase in hemoglobin, erythrocyte count and hematocrit.
  • Increased platelets.
  • Acne.
  • Baldness due to the androgenic component.


Active ingridient
Boldenone Undecylenate
Suitable for beginners
Suitable for men over 50
Suitable for women over 50

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Boldenone U 10 amp (200 mg/1 amp)

Болденона Ундесиленат 10 ампул

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