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Bacteriostatic water 1 vial/10 ml

Бактерицидная вода во флаконе

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The main purpose of bactericidal water is to dilute preparations produced in powder form (for example, peptides and growth hormones), which turns them into a suspension for injection. The properties of this substance have determined its particular popularity in the sports environment.

The use of bactericidal water Bacteriostatic Water will allow the ready-made solutions to be stored longer, which is especially valuable in the case of their frequent administration and a long course of administration.

Composition of bactericidal water

The chemical composition of Bacteriostatic Water from Magnus Pharm ensures the effectiveness of the substance and the ability to maintain the active active properties of the finished suspension for a long time. Ready solutions must be stored in a refrigerator at a temperature not exceeding 8 degrees.

Sterile water - 98.2%
Sodium chloride - 0.9%

Original bacterial water Bacteriostatic Water 10 ml can be bought in Ukraine at an affordable price on the website of our store.


This solvent of powdered preparations is absolutely harmless to the body. It has other beneficial properties that explain the desire of professional athletes to buy Bacteriostatic Water from Magnus Pharm.

Regular water for injection can only be used in full, once, since repeated aspiration with a syringe leads to ingestion and multiplication of bacteria. Thus, its effectiveness is reduced. Due to its special composition, bactericidal water is protected from such unpleasant moments.

Bacterial water is used for:

  • high-quality dilution of powdered drugs such as growth hormones, peptides, gonadotropin and others;
  • the possibility of long-term storage of the resulting suspension for injection;
  • sterilization of drugs due to the special chemical composition of the solvent;
  • easier assimilation of the drug by the body.

You can order Bacteriostatic Water from Magnus Pharm with delivery across Ukraine in our online store. We sell only original products.


Considering that this substance is used to dissolve various powder preparations, the dosage depends on their type and is indicated in the instructions for use.


Active ingridient
Bacteriostatic water

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Bacteriostatic water 1 vial/10 ml

Бактерицидная вода во флаконе

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