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Aicar 30 caps (10 mg/1 cap)

Айкар in capsules


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SARM Aicar is great for improving endurance levels. Aikar, also known by its chemical name 5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide ribonucleotide, is an inosine monophosphate intermediate that is used to stimulate AMP-dependent protein kinase (AMPK) activity.

Clinically, Aicar has been used heavily as a treatment to help prevent ischemic heart damage. Aicar was first introduced in the 1980s. At the time, it was used during surgeries to provide blood flow to the heart. Recent studies have also shown that Aicar can be used in the treatment of diabetic conditions. This is due to the fact that the drug has the ability to cause an increase in metabolic effects on tissues by changing the physical composition of muscles in the body. Aicar is also now used as a workout supplement by bodybuilders.

  • Increased endurance;
  • Increased fat burning;
  • Acceleration of metabolism;
  • Supports muscle tone.

Sports Energy Special Force Pharm Aicar is a peptide chemical that can regulate metabolic action in the body. The drug is used to block certain intracellular and extracellular enzymes, which, in turn, cause an accelerated flow of glucose into the body. This is why bodybuilders who use the best workout energy drink Aicar often experience increased energy levels during workouts.

It is also known that Aicar body fat burners have the effect of enhancing the action of protein kinase in skeletal tissue. Protein kinase is an enzyme found in the human body that is responsible for stimulating a wide range of metabolic actions, including fatty acid oxidation and glucose uptake in skeletal tissue.

How does the powerful fat burner for weight loss Aicar work?

The main task of Aicar is to stimulate the activity of AMP-dependent protein kinase (AMPK). Simply put, Aicar triggers protein kinase enzymes in muscle and skeletal tissue. The enzyme, in turn, triggers an increase in glucose uptake and also improves fatty acid oxidation. High-intensity activities increase the energy for training and increase endurance.

The strongest sports energy drink, aikar, also induces ketogenesis. Ketogenesis is a biochemical process in the body by which broken down fatty acids and amino acids are converted into water-soluble molecules called ketone bodies. Molecules play an important role in supplying energy to critical organs in the body, including the brain. It is on the basis of these properties that Aikar is considered an important factor contributing to the improvement of metabolism beyond normal levels.

What are the benefits of using Aikar?

  1. One of the key benefits of Aicar is its effect in increasing the absorption of glucose in the body. Glucose is a source of energy, and increased absorption means your body is using up more energy than before. This effect will be very beneficial for your workout, but it can also help boost your energy levels by supporting you throughout the day.
  2. The most powerful fat burner, aycar also significantly improves metabolic performance. Even for people who just want to use the drug as a simple weight loss solution without tricky training regimens, it can help tune your metabolism so you can burn more calories even at rest.
  3. Best Fat Burner Aycar is also a selective supplement designed for skeletal cells and muscle tissue only. It can help obese people fine-tune their bodies so they can start exercising to lose weight.

Results can be seen a few weeks after starting your cycle, but make sure you are taking the SARM with GW-501516 for ultimate success.

Can Aikar affect a doping test?

Yes, the World Anti-Doping Agency has categorized Aicar as a performance-enhancing drug and, therefore, using it will result in you failing a doping test.

  • Serving size: 1 capsule
  • Servings Per Container: 30
  • Aicar - 10 mg

How to take Aicar

The maximum number of courses per year can be 3. Before starting admission, you must read the instructions. For the most effective combination with other drugs, it is recommended to study the principle of action of each drug and consult a doctor. The number of capsules taken per day depends on your weight. Up to 85 kg - 1 capsule; up to 100 kg - 2 capsules; more than 100 kg - 3 capsules. Also, when taken together with Cardarine (GW501516), the number of Aicar capsules can be reduced.

For men

Take 1-3 capsules daily one hour after meals and 30 minutes before training for 4 to 8 weeks, followed by 4 to 8 weeks off.

For women

Take 1-3 capsules daily one hour after meals and 30 minutes before training for 4 to 8 weeks, followed by 4 to 8 weeks off.

Do I need PCT when taking Aikar?

There is no need to do PCT after using Aicar for the first cycle. However, due to potential side effects, you need to be tested to make sure everything is in order.

Can women use the sports energy drink Aikar?

Yes, there is no reason why they cannot. Aicar is not a hormone and therefore does not cause virilization. Aicar, especially when combined with GW-501516, will give good results.

Other SARMs that an energetic for athlete Aikar works well with?

Yes, in fact, it is fully recommended to co-use Aicar with other SARMs. The most common:

  • GW-501516
  • Andarine


Active ingridient
Cutting, Increase stamina, Strength gains
Suitable for beginners
Suitable for men over 50
Suitable for women over 50


Delivery area
International, Ukraine
The information provided does not encourage the use or distribution of any potent substances and is solely intended to reduce the risk of complications and side effects. Consult your physician and read the instructions before using this medicine.

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Aicar 30 caps (10 mg/1 cap)

Айкар in capsules

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