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About Us

We donate 20% of our profits to a charity fund for children affected by Russia's military aggression against Ukraine.

We are working! International delivery is from a secure warehouse in the European Union.

Gormons — online store of sports pharmacology, steroids and anabolism!

A distinctive feature of our online store is the priority factor in the selection of sports pharmacology from all anabolic steroids available on the sports market, and as a result, we offer only the highest quality, tested and working drugs. In other words, in our online store of anabolic steroids you will find only high-quality drugs that are approved by the elite of athletes in competitive bodybuilding, powerlifting and other strength sports in Ukraine.

The priority of our online store Gormons is honesty towards our customers, the most understandable and high-quality advice, a standardized pricing policy for pharmaceutical drugs and the high quality of our products.

Gormons is not just an online store, Gormons is a strong springboard for your sports victories, your powerful base of strength, the ability to build the best athletic and sculpted body and fortitude. Thanks to our best concept for the quality of drugs, combined with the experience of their correct use, you get a high personal result in achieving your sports goals today.

If the choice is the Gormons, if with us is the Champion!

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